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My husband, my parents, my kids, and a tree–the whole gang.
My favorite cute little hooligans Owen and Bennett. Yes, the fire truck is part of the package deal.
The obligatory headshot.

I’m Rev. Amy Zimbelman. I’m serving as the Conference Minister for Mountain States Mennonite Conference, which means I support/love 17 churches in Colorado and New Mexico. I’m a graduate of Duke Divinity, and I co-pastored a Mennonite church for 3 years. I’ve spent much of my adult life being fascinated by other cultures and working for justice—I served in Zambia through Mennonite Central Committee, studied in the Middle East and New Zealand, and worked professionally in refugee resettlement for about a decade. I’ve kept a journal fairly reliably since second grade and have also written for publications like Sojourners, The Mennonite (a.k.a. Anabaptist World), Fidelia, and Christian Feminism Today.

My husband Matt and I are 12 years into hashing everything out in exceptionally long conversations. We’re also both suckers for a good game of hide-and-seek with our sons. Additional loves include my best friends and our game nights, hiking in my Colorado mountains, my random artistic endeavors, and cooking/consuming healthy food from our garden (followed closely by consuming chocolate).

Life is always beautiful and usually complicated and sometimes hard and I’m trying to follow Jesus through it all. 

Thanks for being here.